About Us

The Start

In 1996 my mother starting having severe pains in her joints which progressively became worse over time. After months of doctor’s appointments, hospital appointments, pain killers and steroids I watched someone who other wise was happy and positive become very low. My mother was finally diagnosed with something called Fybromialga. While trawling the Internet looking for alternatives t o pills I came across magnets that claim to help with pain relief. We then purchased a magnetic bangle and after several weeks my mother said she felt a little improvement. I then sourced a bracelet with more magnets hoping for even greater effects and quickly realized that the more magnets the better the results. However, they always changed colour and left marks on her wrist. In my search for a greater product and realizing how hard it was to get that quality bracelet we decided that after spending so much time researching magnets to create Pure u.

Our Brand
Pure Pure-u - pure you are registered trademark names owned by us & Pure U Healthcare. Our  products   are also supplied to Europe & USA . All   of our products carry our branding if  companies are not registered with us then the products may be fake. Other products may look similar but we assure you they will not have the Pure , Pure-u pureyou ® T.M brand name/s . Although flattered that companies may wish to incorporate our brand name with theres to help sell products,  "Trade mark Infringement or passing off " Is a criminal offence. We will  instruct our trade mark attorneys to pursue anyone attempting to use any of our " Pure" Trading Names as there own.   

The Future
Together with the continued support of our many clients,. we are committed to staying ahead with  magnetic product trends As a family business pure u will always supply you with quality products and a service to match, therefore maintaining the reputation we have built over many years. Remember   " Quality is not expensive its priceless"  

 Our Statement to you
" Big Enough To Cope Small Enough To Care"     
1998-2021 Pure-U A family run company providing you with a powerful alternative for health & Fitness