Client Questions

We hope you find this section helpful in answering any questions you may have. if we can assist you with a question not listed here please email or call customer services. 0845 658 1 888

Question: Why Buy from PURE-U ?

Answer   Specialists in magnetic health products with continuous investment, development, design & innovation in our ever growing product range.

Question: Are Magnets Safe ?

Answer Yes Magnets are non-Invasive. Magnetic theory is completely safe except during pregnancy - anyone fitted with a pacemaker . People who use high voltage machinery not to be worn by children under the age of seven. If you are unsure please contact your Doctor

Question: What is Gauss ?

Answer Gauss is the unit of measure the Indicates the strength of the magnet.The Higher the gauss the greater the magnetic field extends some people also use the term Tesla all our magnetic fields are quoted in Gauss as most people recognise this as a magnetic measurement .


Question: How Immediate Is the effect ?

Answer Some of our customer have reported back within hrs, the majority of people report some relief within a few weeks a smaller amount of people may take longer depends on the individual.
Question:  Do I remove at nightime
Answer :    No best results are achieved If worn night and day

Question: Should I drink more water
Answer : Yes we do recommend you should drink a couple of extra glasses of water unless you do drink water regular people do report back after drinking more water with wearing magnets they felt a vast improvements.

Question: What is the life of a magnet ?

Answer: In most cases magnets May stay magnetised upto 10 years or more depending if the magnet has demagnatized or placed next to demagnetized force or subject to miss use including being exposed to abrasives.To prolong magnet life remove for bathing & swimming

Question: Which wrist should I wear my bracelets on?

Answer: The magnetic bracelets can be worn on either wrist preferably not on the same wrist as your (Watch) as the magnets may affect its battery and timekeeping.

How many magnetic bracelet can I wear at one time?
Is it the more the better?
Answer: This is a good question for which we don't have a definite answer. It really is more a matter of personal choice. There are people that wear 2 or 3 at a time. For therapeutic purpose, more may be better.
Please be advised that these bracelets are not sold as medical devices and should not be used to replace medical therapy. For a professional opinion, please consult a doctor or therapist.

Question: Animals  How long should you leave a pet collar on for? 
Answer: For best results leave you pet collar on night and day ,you may notice an intake of extra water to start this is normal behavour.

Question : Animals    How long should I leave my horse product on for?
Answer: For best results leave on over night while stabled do not use while ridding ,you must beware that when turning out your horse or pony if they may decide to try and remove wraps them there selves :-) We can not be responsible for any damage they may caused by biting etc. They need to get used to the wraps do not leave on permanently.

Question:   Cleaning /  How do I Take care of your magnetic jewellery

Answer : Both stainless steel and titanium are corrosion resistant and do not normally need special care. If they do get dirty, simply wash it with tap water, or if necessary, soak it in soap water for a while then cleanse it. DO NOT use a brush especially on glossy finish or gold plated finish. Use a cloth or towel to dry it instead.  -

We do recommend to help prolong the gold plating & epoxy seals cleaning use a silver cloth do not spray with perfume cover with moisturizers Remove when swimming & bathing.

Some extra care to be taken with tungsten bracelets
Caution when removing your bracelet from your wrist,do not drop it from height or subject it to extreme pressure because although tungsten is a very tough metal and scratch proof, it is also somewhat bristle The thin hinge point may break or chip links if dropped on a harden concrete floor.

Question:  How long will my order take to arrive
Delivery Times are only a guide Not a guaranty  :
(2nd class recorded ) May take up to 7 working days after order is placed, -( 1st class recorded )up to 5 working days-(Next working day) order before 2.30 (Europe) 7-10 working days unless delayed in customs- (Worldwide) 7-10 working days.
All postage times are approximate (except special delivery) which is next working day of dispatch.
Unfortunately from time to time the postal service may take longer to deliver and recorded delivery does not mean guaranteed time it simply means signed for. Orders placed after 2.30 are processed next working day unless with prior instruction.weekend orders are normally processed on the Monday with the exception of bank holiday's Thank you for you understanding























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