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We are all guilty of looking for the negatives Why not look for the positives !
 Please remember when reading this feedback ! The most important testimonial relevent to you is the one you write yourself based on your own  experience with use of   Pure U Magnetic Products.

Mrs. Bourne ,Nurse Worcestershire
Arthritis Thumb Pain 
On a scale from 1 to 10   I would say the pain in my thumbs was at level 10, within 24hrs of wearing my magnetic ankle bracelet the pain had subsided to around pain level 2  I have recommended your products to friend and colleagues alike.   

Mrs.. Challenor Kidderminster
Hand Pains 
I suffer with stiff hand and fingers I have felt the difference in just a few days of wearing the bracelet very pleased.

Mr  Law Yorkshire
Pure-U-active  Sport 
I have always been very sceptical about this sort of thing, I attended the RHS show, and bought one I have not taken it off yet and can honestly say I can feel a positive difference, staff on hand were very informative too.

Mrs Hewitt
Magnetic Bracelet menopause symptoms
I'm 51 years old and since wearing this bracelet the arthritis in my neck has improved and I now only take half the pain killers and this is only after one month. Also my menopause symptoms have disappeared!.
I would recommend this product to any one suffering from arthritis or menopause problems.

Mr .Bradley Sussex
Double Magnetic Products 
Hello there
I have been delighted with the positive benefits I have experienced from wearing this bracelet.

Jason  Worcester
 Had it on for a month now my elbow is feeling 100% better ordering one for my lad next will let you know how he gets on.

Mrs .Newton Kidderminster
Support Products 
After buying a back support from you I kept an open mind but I have to say the relief from my back pain in such a short time really did shock me I would defiantly recommend your products !

Mrs .Hughes Hampshire
Pet Products 
I bought a collar for my 10 year old westie who has chronic arthritis in her hips seems to have helped she was limping on medication but since having the collar has stopped limping and seems to be a lot more agile, this is from a non believer

Mr Jones Worcestershire
Blood Pressure 
My blood pressure was 160 /110 for 2years ! Been wearing your bracelet 5 weeks now  I have been to the doctors today & its now 122/80 I have to tell that  I have a smile from ear to ear thank you for your help. Richard

Mr Carter Exeter
Tennis Elbow-Gout
Since wearing your one of your bracelet my tennis elbow pain as subsided and no sign of any Gout
either so far so good.
Regards Chris

Mr Bettridge Gloucestershire
Arthritic &Knee Pain 
Ive had a pure u double magnet bracelet for around 12mths now, it has helped aches and pains very happy.
Many thanks

Mrs Smith Yeovil
Back Pain 
Wanted to say that my back pain has gone and i have let my dad wear my bracelet for a few days and he thinks its great ,so Im buying him one as well Thanks Regards Kerry

Mrs. Brough  a Nurse from Solihull
Knee Pain October
I have to say the anklet has been brilliant, I have had terrible trouble with my right knee for many years now and since i have worn the anklet my pain has disappeared. I even ran 3km yesterday for the first time in 2 years. I donít think I could cope without it for long, Thanks

Mr. Pritchard  West Midlands
Frozen Shoulder / Tennis Elbow August
I have been wearing a bracelet for 5 months now and both my shoulder and elbow are still feeling ok I have recommended you to my friends and family.

Ms.  Mitchell  Ledbury
Fibromyalgia June
Hi I just wanted to give u some feedback after purchasing a bracelet from you at the june show 2011. Since wearing its (a week now) I have noticed a great improvement in my pain and energy levels. They haven't gone completely but I have been taking a significant lower dose of my prescription pain killers and I have experienced an increase in my energy levels which is amazingly helpful with my 2 young children. Thank you

Mrs. Finnegan Worcetershire  
Headache Success June    
Last Sunday at the a Show, I came across your stand and got talking to a very nice lady there who explained all about your bracelets and then left me to go away and think about it  Ė no pressure to buy, no hard sell, which was nice.
That day I was suffering with a bad head Ė I have suffered with bad headaches (with the occasional migraine thrown in), more often than not it is constant, no break day or night no matter what I take!   It has been like this for 10 or 12 years.   I have had brain scans, been treated by two neurologists and the list of medical is endless, including medication to control my heart beat.   Have also had surgery on the inside of my nose in case there was problem with my airways which could cause headaches!   I am currently on medication to control the nerve systems at the base of my head/neck which helps give me a break from the headaches for a few hours (if Iím lucky).  The last neurologist I saw told me there is no cure and they will probably get worse as I get older!
After walking a few yards from your stand, although I was doubtful as to whether your bracelet would work or not, I decided why not Ė give it a go.   Better still my Dad treated me to the same.  
Although itís early days (have only had the bracelet 5 days), I have had 4 days almost headache free Ė canít believe it!   Wear the bracelet all day and all night.   Only comes off when I have a shower.   Have already considerably reduced the amount of tablets I take.   Canít tell you how good it feels.   Only wish Iíd got one sooner.    Kind regards, Siobhan

Mr M Timms - Ipswich
I was at Peterbough Show Ground and I saw a stand with your Magnetic Health Products. I was very sceptical about there claims, but I brought one to have a go and see if it worked and was shocked that it worked for me. I had pain in my feet and back due to back problems and doing hours of walking at The Show. The pain went from killing me to just feeling it, so it was much much easer to walk around. The second thing which happened was I had my Blood Pressure checked on the Sunday and that was 147/107 which for me is about normal to getting it check 24 hours later, only wearing the Bracelet for about 20 hours and that time it was 139/75 which it has never been that low and the only thing which was different was I was wearing the Bracelet. I canít say 100% that it all down to the Bracelet, but i can say I feel 100% better than i did before I started to wear my Bracelet. Itís the best money I've spent.
Kind Regards M Timms

Mr Roy Roberts/ Devon
GOUT March
It helped my Gout and also really eased my back pain, I'm very pleased with how well the bracelet wears in my job as a quarry owner
All the best Roy

Mrs. J Borriello  Austin Law Associates / Stourbridge
Hi Just wanted to give you a quick up date on the dog collar I bought from you for Tessa my dog that has epilepsy.
The improvement from the day she started wearing her collar as been brilliant. The drugs she takes make her unsteady on her feet which is so upsetting especially as she has been a very active agility dog for most of her life. Since she has been wearing her collar she is no longer wobbly and Tessa is virtually back to normal self.
Tessa had her regular check with the Vet last week. Itís the first time he has seen her since wearing her collar and he was quite amazed at the improvement. The best part is that Tessa hasnít had a fit either since wearing her collar.
I canít thank you enough and only regret that weíd not tried the collar sooner! Needless so say Iím recommending it to everyone that I chat with on the dog forum who also have epileptic dogs.
Kind Regards Jenny

Mrs. Willetts - Stourbridge
Must say that the clicking has stopped and the pain has reduced I would recommend your products.

Mrs. Harrison - Stroud
Since wearing my magnetic product my back pain has significant reduced  I'm very Pleased Thanks

Mrs Short - Lower Gornal Westmids
I feel after wearing one of your magnetic bracelets my blood preasure has reduced over the last 12 weeks to a more normal level. Thanks for your help

Mrs Peel Westmids
We have both had our bracelets on from the moment of purchase last Saturday and I just wanted you to know that hubby reports his wrist is less painful and I have had an entire week without a headache, something that has not happened for a very long time.  Needless to say we are both very impressed with and have become very attached to our bracelets.     Thank you and best regards,

Mrs K Roberts   Worcestershire

I purchased a pure-u bracelet from you at the Steam Fair with in six hours I got out of my armchair after sitting for 2 and a half hours and was surprised to find that I got up with no trouble and actually walked straight away, I suffer with arthritis and polymialgia and I have worn nmy bracelet for two weeks now and I find that I am a lot better, I have now purchased one for my 86 Year old Mother for her birthday on Sunday and hope that this will work the same for her. I must admit that I was a bit unsure as to how it would work but I have no problem telling my friends about this, thank you very much.

Mr. & Mrs. Collins Westmidlands   
Mrs. Collins
After 2 weeks of wearing a magnetic bracelet My Arthritis has improved so much so that I decided to stopped taking my medication.
Mrs. Armstrong Worcester
This is the 4th back support I have had from you,the first recommended by my friend ,I then bought another one for my daughter and for me, now one for one of my running club friends, they really do help with back pain !
Thank you

Mrs Light from Southampton 
Your Magnetic bracelet Helped with my Headaches and my cranky knees are feel great ! I'm now getting up and down the stairs with ease.
Many Thanks

Mrs. Steele from Essex
After wearing one of your bracelets since April it certainly has helped me with my Arthritis and has  stopped the pain in my knee I have no problem telling anyone else how your magnets have helped me.

Mrs. New Brook From France

My husband had suffered with high blood pressure for 10 years, after only a few weeks of having a bracelet we visited the doctor for a check up. His blood pressure had dropped, every pill taken had not helped but after wearing your bracelet for a short time his blood pressure had reduced. My husbands no longer red in the face and looks much better. Thank you so much Vanessa & Patrick

Mrs Hunt From Now Belgium

Itís magic !!!! Iím not normally a person for ďalternative therapiesĒ, and was skeptical at first, but after a week, I have noticed a considerable difference in the discomfort of my tennis elbow. Having been to an osteopath for 9 weeks, and having little effect; a week of wearing the bracelet and the pain has halved, if not more. So thank you, thank you very much. Kind regards Jane

Mr Pemberton From Birmingham

My wife bought me a bracelet for my back pain sceptic as I am it has certainly helped me I get up easier in the mornings no more stretching. I would recommend pure u bracelets to anyone.

Bill from Kidderminster                                                           


I bought one of your 15 or 16 magnet bracelets for myself last week. So
far, so good, the tendonitis in my knee has eased and I am hoping that
in time it will go completely.

Collette From Kidderminster

My migraines stopped within days of putting on one of your bracelets. I'm normally in bed for 48hrs with every migraine. Now I have also stopped taking my tablets, Thanks for all your help.

Mrs Clement's From Cornwall

Dear pure u I have been doing reflexology for ten years, in my experience the use of magnetic bracelets have vastly improved specific and overall health of many clients increasing there mobility and energy levels. Regards Karen Clement's

Mr Hugill From Doncaster

I broke my elbow last year, It has been causing me alot of pain. Since wearing your magnets it has seem to ease my discomfort .

Mrs Loch From Worcestershire
 I was surprised but happy with the Improvement in movement and energy at age 15 Sophie is up and about more allot since she has been wearing your dog collar ( Putjade Golden Retrievers )

Mrs Chambers From Bromsgrove

Having bad arthritis, I was given your magnetic bracelet for a present which I have been wearing night and day it hasn't stopped the pain totally but i believe it has eased it best regards.

Mr Jonker From Ardingly
I play allot of racket sports and wearing a bracelet has improved the flexibility in my elbow which tends to tighten up.

Mrs Taylor

I bought a stainless steel bracelet from your stand. Now I know its still early days BUT I do seem to be a lot less stiff, especially in the mornings when getting out of bed was a real struggle: I have arthritis and fybromyalgia. Although my condition is a chronic one and I don't expect a 'miracle cure', if I continue to feel so much better I can only put it down to the magnetic bracelet. PLUS, it is a really nice, subtle piece of class jewellery: something that I don't normally wear given my lifestyle working with dogs .

Dave Bryant aged 50

I have been a Sciatica sufferer for more than 4 years and suffered with Varicose Vein pain since a young age.I bought a bracelet at my local show and I have never looked back, it is Fantastic. I was taking pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets every day. I kept taking the tablets for the first week after buying it then stopped. I have not taken a tablet for more than 2 months now and it feels so good. The Numbness in my left leg right down to my foot has almost gone and the aching in my right leg from the veins has also virtually stopped. I have recommended a Pure-u bracelet to some friends as it is the best thing I have ever bought. Thank you for giving me back a better life.

Mr & Mrs Brammer


I purchased my bracelet as I was having trouble with tennis elbow, I had been receiving physio but with little success. The bracelet seems to have eased the pain to the point that I no longer have any noticeable pain.  My wife suffers from arthritis in her hands and her bracelet has also eased the daily discomfort she was experiencing. Most of all they are both fashionable and are worn each and every day. The bracelets may not help everyone but they are a reasonable price and we would recommend giving the bracelet a go. Thanks again

Mr Clements
Hello there,
Just had to drop you a line after meeting you at the Show yesterday...16 Aug 2009.
Sceptical, like most men I suppose.... but always open to new ideas I thought I would give it a try.  I have suffered back ache for some years on and off.  Well yesterday was an 'on' day having walked so far at the show, and prior to stopping at your stand, I was ready for a 'sit and rest' period.  However having bought and put on my bracelet we turned away from the rest area.  We got about 50-60 yards from your stand and I just 'stopped'!!!  My wife asked what was wrong and I said 'nothing' and I meant 'nothing'....my back ache had completely gone.....now I can't ever recall a time when my aching back/sciatica just stopped...it usually sort of 'fades away' but yesterday it did just that...it stopped and has not recurred despite more 'showground walking.
Well if this is as a result of wearing the 'pure-u' bracelet....and that is the only thing that materially changed during that time...then you have converted a 'sceptic'.   Thank you very much..... Regards Roger Clements


Jackie - Birmingham
Pure-U - My husband found you at Malvern Show and purchased one for himself as he suffers with arthritis.   
He found this very helpful so at the next show he purchased me one as I suffer with Fibromyalgia - the perfect gift.  It hasn't taken all my pain away but I don't take as many painkillers and manage day by day a lot better. 
Would I recommend - definitely.   Many thanks   Jackie

Mr.Breen - Colchester 
I had one of your magnetic bracelets bought for me November. Previously I had suffered from irritating back problems, since having my Tungsten bracelet I have had no problems with my back at all. The bracelet was purchased from a show in Colchester and together my family we bought five items and we have all felt the benefits of them as we are of various ages and levels of fitness. Recently I have required some work done on mine due to the amount of wear I give it in my active life. I sent it off and have had fantastic service from the people at Pure-U, they serviced my bracelet and re-pinned it for me and ensuring that I was without it for the minimum amount of time. This item enables me to live pain free personnel and work life.

We are not allowed to say what Magnet products can do for you, Although you can search google for the many  published  articles which may be of help to you.  Kind Regards
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