Magnetic fuel duo

Magnetic fuel duo
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Duo fuel saver system designed for engines above 3500 litres suitable for Lorrys / Trucks


The effect of magnetism on fuel to improve its combustion is nothing new. It was first used during the Second World War by the Royal Air Force on Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft and shown to produce greater range and better performance from poor quality fuel.

How it works? Fuels are mainly made up of hydrocarbons. With the use of the Fuel Sava, fuels change their magnetization orientation as they cross a magnetic field in the opposite direction of the external magnetic field. At the same time, hydrocarbon molecules change their configuration which reduces the intermolecular attraction forces. The fuel saver finely divides and distributes the particles evenly thus making the combustion more efficient. The fact that Carbon and Oxygen have opposite magnetic polarity by using the Fuel Sava both Carbon and Oxygen are easily fused together producing a better and efficient combustion. As a result of the fusion of fuel and air, the engine works more efficiently generating greater power, reducing the consumption of fuel, and also the hydrocarbons(HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide which emanate from the exhaust
People report a fuel saving of 15-25%. Works on petrol or diesel engines Your engine will last much longer. Reduces carbon monoxide emission It does not interfere with any other electrical device Environmental friendly Maintenance Free and One time purchase Install in less than 5 minutes with no tools needed Can easily be transferred to another vehicle Suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines.
 If you only saved 10% in the simplest terms that's 1 every 10 of  fuel you put in your vehicle most people now use around 40 to 70 weekly. You may make savings of around 350 a year per Car , 4x4 , Van or Lorry.  Businesses may quilify for our special Green fleet rates please Contact Us.
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